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With big pop stars letting their queer flags fly, music is basking in the LGBTQ+ rainbow like never before. Artists like Toronto's Witch Prophet are succeeding on their own terms, but the industry needs to realize queerness is more than a trend more



Samuel Engelking

Your guide to the best new patios in Toronto's bar and restaurant scene including Assembly Chef's Hall, Drake Mini Bar and Pick 6ix. more

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Samuel Engelking

It's time to stand up for safety in Toronto's music scene. If a reckoning is coming for sexual misconduct, it will take the entire community, from showgoers to venue owners, to make it happen. more



Samuel Engelking

Find over 60 events including concerts, food festivals, outdoor movies and more in NOW's annual Hot Summer Guide. more

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Samuel Engelking

As Google-affiliated Sidewalk Labs proposes building a high-tech neighbourhood on the waterfront, citizens should demand ownership of data collected in public spaces more



Natalia Manzocco

The city's hottest new spots are all about seafood, sustainability and a whole lot of pasta more

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A decade after she appeared on the cover of NOW as a member of Crystal Castles, the electro-punk star opens up about going solo, #MeToo and growing up in Toronto more


With the writ set to drop any day on the most important Ontario election in recent memory, we offer a primer on the main contenders, hot takes from the experts and a word on the Green Party more



Samuel Engelking

Director Maya Gallus’s timely film shows how gifted women are transforming kitchen culture and grappling with its hierarchies and misogyny more

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Illustration by Jason Carter

“This is going to be bigger than tobacco,” says Jamie Kunkel, who owns Smoke Signals, a medical cannabis dispensary on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory east of Belleville more



Photos by Samuel Engelking

There's suddenly a lot of attention on U.S. Girls. Toronto’s Meg Remy is ­untangling ­America’s misogynist mess with lush disco grooves. The time is right for her subversive brand of political pop. Read our cover story interview here. more



Samuel Engelking

The rise of Jordan Peterson, men's right activists and toxic masculinity has made the need to examine what it means to be a man all the more urgent. Canadian authors, activists and artists are finally taking a critical look at redefining masculinity. more



Michael Watier

The inflexibility of the structures of the Toronto police and its civilian overseers on the Toronto Police Service Board, does not – cannot – allow for the democratic civic engagement and analysis necessary to realize constructive change more



Photos by Samuel Engelking

Purebred pups were once the norm, but socially aware millennials are driving rescue dog adoption. Unlike the baby boomers generation, millennials are adopting dogs through rescue groups in Toronto and Petfinder. more


How the mysterious loss of the 13 earliest known photos of Toronto inspired the chronicling of the city's modern skyline more

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Photos by Natalia Manzocco

It's never been a better time to grab a drink in Toronto more

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Samuel Engelking

How the Montreal mega-chef became Drake’s pick for the sushi-forward new spot more


Poised for stardom, the Toronto soul auteur wants to help other young women achieve their own self-made success more



Samuel Engelking

What keeps them going? Tenacity, thriftiness and a whole lot of love more

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Threesomes, open relationships, polyamory...readers take a bite out of our burning questions on love and sex more

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