Tim Walker

Anand Rajaram in Rohinton Mistry's The Scream, SummerWorks 2019

Photo by Henry Chan

Rohinton Mistry's The Scream wins production award, Encumbrance wins NOW Audience Choice Award at performance festival Read more


Tim Walker in White Heat at SummerWorks, 2019

Photo by Graham Isador

Graham Isador's work-in-progress about a journalist and an alt-right leader has the potential to become a hot-button-pushing piece of political theatre Read more


Cliff Cardinal

Photo by Nadya Kwansibenz

From a Dora Award-winning director and a kick-ass dancer to a singer/songwriter adapting her acclaimed album, here, in alphabetical order, are some folks heating up the 11-day Queen West performance fest Read more

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MULES_Eva Barrie & Anita Majumdar-photo by Dahlia Katz (4).jpg

Dahlia Katz Dahlia Katz,

Beth Graham and Daniela Vlaskalic's play about two drug smugglers never transcends stereotypes and plot holes Read more


The Queen's Conjuror

John Gundy

Psychology and prophecies in Elizabeth I’s reign make for a compelling story Read more


Tim Walker delivers a bravura performance in uneven Mamet play Read more