Tom Beedham

Plus: radical reimaginings of songs by Shakira and Chris Isaak, some sophisticated pop from Ben Gunning and a full new #NOWplaying playlist of new local tunes Read more


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Colin Medley

Plus: a new #NOWplaying playlist featuring new Daniel Caesar, Puffy L'z, Shawnee and more Read more

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Toronto record shop June Records is opening June Space – a response to the city’s venue crisis. Read more



Kate Young

Plus a new #NOWplaying roundup with songs by Deliluh, Lydia Persaud, anders, Moon King and more. Read more

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Bear Witness is curating this year's X Avant new music festival in Toronto, expanding on the powerful and inclusive concept established on A Tribe Called Red's last album, We Are The Halluci Nation. Read more


Bernice's new Arts & Crafts album Puff LP: In The Air Without A Shape finds the ever-evolving Toronto band bottling their eclectic energy for seven songs. Read more

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