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Shireen Stroke

Plus a new #NOWPlaying playlist featuring Laura Barrett, Tomb Mold, dvsn and more Read more


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Samuel Engelking

From punk-infused hip-hop to dance music creating its own space – who’s setting the tone for the city’s music scenes? Read more

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Amanda Fotes

Ahead of the annual punk and hardcore festival Not Dead Yet, we caught up with local Toronto bands around the city to talk community, resistance, localism and more. Read more


Toronto's Tomb Mold, fleshed out from a duo into a four-piece, take chances rhythmically and compositionally, and it pays off on their new album Manor Of Infinite Forms. Read more

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Neil Van

Our picks for most notable local singles and deep cuts Read more

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Amanda Fotes

The Dallas-based thrash act came to town with axes swinging Read more

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