Toronto Comic Arts Festival

TCAF 2018

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The celebration of indie comics and graphic novels features an appearance by cult hero Junji Ito, author talks and panels on activism and screen adaptations Read more


By linking an artist's value to the amount of pain they are willing to share, galleries, publishers and media outlets are turning them into trauma clowns Read more

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TCAF 2018 Posters by Emily Carroll (Left) and Inio Asano (Right)

Sponsored feature: presented by TCAF 2018 Read more

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Robin Nisho

Annie Koyama took a huge risk when she launched the little publisher that could Read more

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Elena Gritzan

The TCAF showcase is a microcosm of Toronto's supportive indie game community Read more



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The Toronto Comic Arts Festival is this weekend, which means we've got the city's artists, authors and bookstores on the brain! Tell us who deserves to be nominated for this year's Best Of Read more

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Chip Zdarsky

How a mild-mannered former newspaper illustrator embraced his secret life and became a star spotlighted at this year's Comic Arts Festival Read more

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David Silverberg

A timeline leading up to today's wildly popular format Read more

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Don't be overwhelmed: here are five picks from this year's TCAF Read more

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Celebrating the incredible graphic novels and comics made by indigenous peoples Read more


Prepare yourself for Volume 2, to be released at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival Read more



Miles Baker

Pre-holiday pop-up shop launches at the Toronto Reference Library Read more

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  • TCAF 2018

    Courtesy of TCAF

    TCAF 2018