Truth and Reconciliation Commission

NOW readers weigh in on how to keep art accessible for all Torontonians, Truth and Reconciliation and why Morrissey is still a dick Read more

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Tasha Hubbard  nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up

National Film Board of Canada

In nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up, Cree filmmaker Tasha Hubbard looks at the aftermath of the Colten Boushie verdict and the fight for justice reform Read more

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While other men of privilege across North America have been forced to resign over allegations of improper conduct, John Furlong continues to act as an ambassador for Canada's Olympic movement Read more

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Cindy Breland

Canada is founded on the exploitation of Indigenous peoples – if that idea is unsettling for settler society, then good. Read more

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Why an all-white jury's acquittal of Saskatchewan farmer Gerald Stanley on second-degree murder charges in the shooting death of young Indigenous man amounts to a continuation of cultural genocide Read more

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Consultations, panels film screenings and more Read more


But Truth and Reconciliation Commission report into residential schools goes further urging a change in the wording of the oath of citizenship to include a pledge to "faithfully observe" treaties with Indigenous Peoples Read more


In this excerpt from his recently-released book, the late Indigenous activist Arthur Manuel writes about how the BNA Act that created Canada set the young country on the path to a “race-based democracy” Read more


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R. Jeanette Martin

It’s not just a few bad apples, Canada has a major problem with racism, abuse and sexualized violence when it comes to policing Indigenous communities Read more


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Susan G. Enberg

Survivors of notorious St. Anne’s Indian Residential School fight their way through the courts and Canada’s legacy of 150 years of colonial rule Read more

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Cheol Joon Baek

Senator Murray Sinclair, Dr. Dawn Lavell-Harvard and Phil Fontaine map out path to reconciliation on dark chapter in Canada's history Read more

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When the National Arts Centre approached me about producing a play about John A. Macdonald, I was puzzled. Why me? Read more

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Plus: an LGBTQ St. Patrick's Day at the 519 & Unite to stop hate Read more

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Andy Moro and Tara Beagan

Andy Moro/ARTICLE 11

Ambitious triptych looks at the disturbing legacy of the residential schools system Read more


How TV affects our perception of black people, art benefits First Nations and tracking Toronto's lost rivers Read more


Who died in residential schools, why they died and where they are buried are questions that have never been completely addressed or comprehensively documented by the Canadian government. Read more