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Jacob Scheier

As a secular Jew, I never felt I had much to fear in terms of hate crimes until I saw the swastikas flying in Charlottesville Read more


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Christian Peña

A primer on the posturing, propaganda and Canada's attempts to forestall a U.S. invasion of the oil-rich socialist experiment in South America Read more


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Samuel Engelking

Toronto councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam reveals how an ambush videotaped by a political opponent turned her into the subject of sexist and racist attacks that culminated in death threats during last fall's municipal elections Read more


When the project of using trade deals to create prosperity took control of the political agenda during the 1980s, Toronto and Canada had lots of factories and very few food banks – now we have lots of food banks and very few factories Read more



Nafis Azad

Not only do the abhorrent views of the chief architect of Trump's Muslim ban have no place in a democratic society, they also have the potential to incite violence against racialized groups Read more

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Only the first stanza of John Stafford Smith’s composition makes up the anthem – other stanzas of the song recognizing the birth of a nation expose the hypocrisy of slavery that lie at its core Read more


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Tony Chu

The writer/director on his acclaimed movie's prescient story, leftist movements and why the U.S. needs a general strike Read more

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The depths to which humanity can sink is seemingly a lesson we have not learned from history Read more


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As mad, murderous and self-aggrandizing as he is, a comparison to the fall of Caligula would be apt if impeachment should ever come to pass Read more

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Toronto-based activist journalist takes on corporate media's (and her own) Donald Trump addiction, Trudeau's arms build-up and how NDP leadership contenders are missing a Bernie Sanders-style opportunity Read more

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America has long been a rogue state, and its current president's recent order to attack Syria will do nothing but bring the world closer to Armageddon Read more

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Given the outsized role of money in American politics, you could argue the republic has been devolving from democracy for the past 50 years Read more

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Mic Network Inc.

Within hours of Trump taking office, pages on the White House website that had been devoted to civil rights were replaced with a threat to make life uncomfortable for protesters and end the "dangerous anti-police atmosphere" Read more

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Cheol Joon Baek

Join concerned citizens at protests, debates and discussions on what a Donald Trump presidency means for Canada Read more


For folks in the U.S. determined that there will be no "new normal" under a Trump presidency, it is not enough to be angry Read more

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Strong documentary focuses on the stories corporate media ignore and the indie journalists filling in the blanks Read more


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Jeff Gibbs

Filmmaker who supported Bernie Sanders in Democratic primaries campaigns for Clinton with one-man show deep in the heart of Trump country Read more

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Jacob Scheier

Mainstream media have been trying for months to unpack the psyche of Trump supporters – nearly every person I spoke with was on the one hand very friendly, and on the other really damn racist. Read more

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The election of Dubya, the world’s first glimpse of how absurd American politics were to become, was enough to motivate my parents to pack up and move to Canada Read more

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    Jacob Scheier

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    Jacob Scheier

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    Jacob Scheier