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Not unlike a brewery tour, Viryl's new Vinyl Pressing Experience will show the start to finish of record pressing in all its nerdy, industrial glory Read more


Toronto's Shortstack Records, the 380-square-foot record shop in the Black Market, has developed an intense Instagram following of Toronto record collectors. Read more


Artist Matt Durant installed a Vinyl Swap Box, his homemade take-a-record-leave-a-record box outside his studio on Queen East in the Leslieville neighbourhood of Toronto, and the response has been swift. Durant’s box isn’t the first in the east end. Read more


The shop, which specializes in used and vintage pressings, has set up shop on the second floor of Sonic Bar & Cafe Read more


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According to Nielsen Music Canada's year-end report, both streaming and vinyl soared while record sales in general went down Read more


Gord Downie Tragically Hip


From vanishing (and reappearing) venues to the Indigenous Next Wave, these are the most fascinating stories we've been following this year Read more


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Meanwhile, Stained Class Records is on pause and the Toronto Public Library has renewed its vinyl collection Read more


Vinyl enthusiasts can meet up, hang out and search for that white whale record together at the inaugural DIY event Read more



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And most of them have sweet deals for Record Store Day Read more



Christopher Wahl

Rheostatics and Grapes of Wrath sessions from the cult favourite CBC Radio show get released on May 5 by Toronto's Artoffact Records Read more


Owner Doug Putnam is banking on a higher demand for vinyl in the suburbs than in the urban core Read more

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