Vivek Shraya

Brendan Healy, artistic director of Canadian Stage

Photo by Samuel Engelking

Brendan Healy's inaugural season as artistic director shows individuals can make a difference in a divided world Read more


With her new VS. Art Grant, author and musician Vivek Shraya will provide $5,000 to an artist who is Indigenous, Black or a person of colour and between 18 and 28 years old to create their debut EP. Read more



Cylla von Tiedemann

From the Soulpepper scandal to the changing of the artistic leadership at many of the city's biggest institutions, here are the some of the highlights of a very dramatic year Read more

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Buddies In Bad Times Theatre

The theatre has replaced a planned 40th-anniversary event with a public forum after cofounder Sky Gilbert published a poem criticizing author Vivek Shraya Read more


The video, which we're premiering here, features Lido Pimienta, Casey and Jenny Mecija, Bonjay's Alanna Stuart, TiKa, Ansley Simpson and Kamilah Apong Read more


By linking an artist's value to the amount of pain they are willing to share, galleries, publishers and media outlets are turning them into trauma clowns Read more

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