Walter Borden

CHILD-ISH at SummerWorks 2019

Photo by Graham Isador

Show based on verbatim interviews with children aged 5 to 11 is funny, thoughtful and often revelatory Read more


Lilies Buddies

Jeremy Mimnagh

Michel Marc Bouchard's play-within-a-play becomes a potent metaphor for restorative justice in an uneven reimagining at Buddies in Bad Times Read more


Djanet Sears's richly detailed prequel to Shakespeare's Othello says a lot about race, power and relationships Read more


New adaptation of Shakespeare's play starring Walter Borden puts a contemporary neurological twist on "the lunatic king" Read more


D'bi Young-54-flat-2.jpg

[u'Don Dixon', u'photographer']

Sure, summer was fun, but autumn is when the stage season really heats up. Here are 10 (actually, 11) talented artists who deserve top billing this season. Read more

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