Toronto’s monuments to war celebrate the atrocious and curious in Canada’s military history more

Nov 9, 2017 6:31 AM News


Canadian Forces Combat Camera/DND

The Trudeau government will end air strikes against ISIS February 22. But 25 years after the Gulf War, Canada's involvement in Iraq has contributed to a staggering loss of life. more

Feb 17, 2016 6:13 PM News


Canadian forces combat camera

The list of those allied with Canada includes Hezbollah, Shiite militias and Iranian military advisers – all evil-doers in the PM’s books more

Sep 16, 2015 8:41 PM News 2 Comments

Think Lone Survivor, but without the queasy sense that the filmmakers are enjoying their mounting body count more

Sep 9, 2015 4:13 PM Movies & TV

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Courtesy of TASC

Weapons fair hits nation's capital as Amnesty International calls on Harper government to carry out human rights assessment of $15-billion armored vehicle deal with the Saudis more

Jun 4, 2015 2:01 PM Think Free: The NOW Toronto blog 1 Comments

Eventually, I would run out of savings and favours. I started to understand how easy it is for war vets to become homeless. Would this be me? more

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