Waterfront Toronto

Safety Orange Swimmers

Samantha Edwards

Boston artists Ann Hirsch and Jeremy Angier have placed 25 orange figures grasping onto floating inner tubes in Lake Ontario Read more

Art & Design

Mayor John Tory in SXSW

Radheyan Simonpillai

Following his talk at the Austin event, the mayor dismissed calls for data privacy protections to be put in place before Toronto proceeds with plans to build a smart city Read more


Ontario Place-1-3.jpg

Richard Longley

Ontario Place will not be rescued by nostalgia – if the provincial government's desire for a casino is to be snuffed out, options that were rejected in the past might deserve re-examination Read more



Samuel Engelking

As Google-affiliated Sidewalk Labs proposes building a high-tech neighbourhood on the waterfront, citizens should demand ownership of data collected in public spaces Read more


Ice Breakers 5

Courtesy of the artist

The second annual Ice Breakers competition will transform Toronto's Waterfront with interactive installations from international artists Read more


Port Lands redevelopment and Gardiner hybrid part of challenges in next phase of waterfront renewal Read more


New hub on the waterfront will support creative output from underprivileged artists Read more



Waterfront Toronto

Mixed messages from the mayor's office and funding issues put future of Waterfront Toronto's lakefront vision at risk Read more

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