Women's March

Chizoba Imoka talks up decolonization to the next generation of Black social justice leaders at Hart House tonight; plus, an all-night symposium on sleep January 25 more

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Samuel Engelking

Thousands of women and allies marked the anniversary of the Women's March on Washington at a local protest on January 20 more

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Last year, the protest was a reaction to Trump. This year, the reasons for marching are local more

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Washington March

Giorgio Lee

The challenges facing our species have never been more urgent, and it's female instinctual traits favouring co-operation over competition that are more conducive to meeting them more

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"We marched across continents. We gathered in the 10s and hundreds of thousands to burn off some of that anger (and maybe a calorie or two) and experience the joy of being collectively, colossally pissed off." more

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Michelle da Silva

For International Women’s Day, community members gathered to discuss the next steps of feminist activism more

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We need events that celebrate women and marginalized communities more than ever more

Mar 2, 2017 3:07 PM News

Washington March

Giorgio Lee

I was not a fan of all the slogans and chanting – and the pink "pussy hats" were complicated – but hopefully some radical seeds were planted in the minds of the young more

Jan 25, 2017 5:36 PM News

Kelli Kieley caught a ride with Soulotheatre to Washington last weekend for the Women's March and kept us up-to-date on Instagram. more

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Women March On Washington - Toronto – where over 50,000 marched to support gender equality and human rights – was a major breakthrough more

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The most important thing we did on Saturday was listen to each other. Let's keep that momentum going more

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Peaceful political protest has long been recognized as a protected form of expression and assembly. more

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There were approximately 60,000 people out at Saturday's march, which kicked off at Queen's Park, then wound down University Avenue to Toronto City Hall more

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If rallying against a Donald Trump presidency isn’t enough of a reason, here are 10 more more

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