Woody Allen

This quasi-essay film about the artists who emerged from Swinging London is fascinating stuff, especially in the first half Read more


If we did, the male-dominated entertainment and arts industries would give way to more women's voices Read more

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A great performance from Kate Winslet can’t make us care about her or any other character Read more


After taking a break from reviewing the Woodman's films, I find they're just as sloppy and self-indulgent as ever Read more

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Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix fail to save Woody Allen pic Read more


Woody Allen's gorgeous postcard to Rome is equal parts smart romantic comedy and stupid silliness Read more


SCOOP (Woody Allen). 96 minutes. Opens Friday (July 28). For venues and times, see Movies, page 107. Rating: Read more


MATCH POINT (Woody Allen). 124 minutes. Opens Friday (January 20). For venues and times, see Movies, page 90. Rating: Read more


It's an artist's job to pound away at the same theme - only celebrities reinvent themselves Read more

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