Year In Review 2014

Rob Ford, Jian Ghomeshi, food and beer. Oh, Toronto, you're so predictable Read more

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From Rob Ford to Jian Ghomeshi, Toronto was centre stage for some of the year's biggest real-life dramas. Read more

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I'm always looking for movies that tackle tough artistic, political and gender questions. Here's what caught my eye this year. Read more

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2014's best records Read more


Tanya Tagaq at The Great Hall

Mike Ford

Bahamas, Miley Cyrus and Tanya Tagaq make this year's list Read more

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The best rap and hip hop records of 2014 Read more


NOW's editor/publisher picks his favourites from 2014 Read more


The great shows this year included a retrospective of an icon, savvy cultural analysis and, most often, pointed political commentaries on resistance, eco-issues and gender. Read more

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Bionic Concepts

Tanja Tiziana Burdi

From the return of bell-bottoms to the rise of genderless marketing, the 2014 style scene was full of hits, misses and shakeups. Here's what caught our attention this year. Read more


From a multitalented young man with fingers in all sorts of creative pies to actors who light up the stage, writers and directors who explore the human heart and mind and a designer who amazes and entertains. Read more


Once again, it was hard to single out just 10 shows. There's a lot of JFL42 below, but that fest gets stronger every year. And I'm sad there's not more sketch and improv. Maybe in 2015. Read more


International shows dominated the scene this year. Let's hope locals step it up in 2015. Read more


The best theatre of 2014 came from the big companies and the indies, ranging from impeccably produced classic texts to contemporary pieces with emotional and intellectual bite. Read more

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I know my colleague Norman Wilner says 2014 was a stellar year for film, but it didn't feel that way to me. Read more

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These are some of the unforgettable artists, cultural contributors, thinkers and political personalities who died in 2014 Read more


Toronto's best of 2014 Read more


Hear the best rootsy songs of 2014 Read more


Fat Pasha

David Laurence

Last year, large spaces like Collette Grand Café and Montecito introduced a new category of fine dining and Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine got a second wind. Read more

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