Year in Review 2015

This year is already just a little bit better than 2015 in that we need no longer seriously concern ourselves with these people Read more




Here's what you cared about most this year: Harry Potter, self-love, activism and so much more Read more


So, why did I have to wait, liken forever to see authentic dyke stories Read more

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Matt Williams

There are more music fests than ever before: here's how they stacked up Read more



Dear restaurateurs: we maybe don't need any more fried chicken choices Read more

Food & Drink

Modern Japanese, street food snacking and a spot only accessible by elevator Read more

Food & Drink

In certain ways, the world got worse this year. But in other respects, there was gradual tiptoeing toward justice and compassion, reasons to have hope amid the greater unease. Read more


It wasn't a notable year for rock 'n' roll, but a rock band still snagged our number-one spot, while experimentalists of all stripes made the strongest showing. Here's our critics' collaborative list. Read more

Album reviews

From Future and Fring's to Meek and Madonna: a look back at Drake's 2015 Read more


Toronto's hip-hop scene blew up this year. Other trends: shoegaze/post-punk overkill, women kicking ass and everybody going pop. Buzz Records bands also broke through in a big way. Read more

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Bo Ningen

Photo credit: Nic Pouliot

Grimes, Tory Lanez, Bo Ningen and more Read more


We look back at some great moments… and some pretty ugly ones Read more


Planet lovers aren't always an optimistic bunch, but there's reason to pause and appreciate this year's many highs on the environmental front Read more