Year in Review 2018

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Samuel Engelking

2018's record number of homicides reveal that what's needed is a public health approach to gun violence – until that happens, we will continue to pay the price in rising homicide rates Read more


Canadian artists and activists were among the notables who passed away in 2018 Read more


The city’s vacancy rate is at a near historic low, while the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto is $2,360 – and it's only going to get worse under Doug Ford Read more


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Natalia Manzocco

30 of the most beloved eateries we lost this year Read more


From Dumplin' to Insatiable, these were the best and worst movies and TV shows where fat bodies were represented this year. Read more

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Paul Salvatori

The Danforth opened its arms to spread a message of hope over hate after one of the worst tragedies in the city's history, but as the neighbourhood continues to heal anti-Muslim sentiment is once again on the rise across the country Read more



Samuel Engelking

Mayor John Tory has failed to acknowledge that the solution to our road safety crisis is a radically different approach to city-building, and not yet another education campaign that puts the onus on vulnerable road users Read more

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Samuel Engelking

From Paul McCartney and sex dolls, to veganism and a comedy show called White Guys Matter, these 12 stories elicited the biggest reader reactions this year. Read more


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Peter Biesterfeld

Now under Doug Ford, the poor are facing overt class warfare Read more


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Richard Longley

But pressure to build more pipelines to develop tar sands crude is fuelling a political calamity between Alberta and the rest of the country Read more




Powerful men continue to be called out for their bad behaviour by the global movement reborn a little over a year ago to expose sexual violence against women – we’ve only just seen the beginning Read more


All our favourite Toronto tunes from the past year arranged into one sprawling Spotify playlist. Plus, some of our favourite music that's not on Spotify, too. Read more

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Canada's Conservatives seem willing to do and say anything to win in 2019, even if it means tearing the country apart Read more



Cylla von Tiedemann

From the Soulpepper scandal to the changing of the artistic leadership at many of the city's biggest institutions, here are the some of the highlights of a very dramatic year Read more

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The year's best films were about people figuring out where they fit while living on the margins Read more

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Photos by Natalia Manzocco

This was a year of reinvention for heavy hitters in the city’s food scene Read more

Food & Drink

We look back at the best and worst stories that made headlines in Toronto Read more


The ways in which racism, anti-Blackness and white supremacy interrupted our lives over the last 12 months has me very nervous for 2019 Read more


Every Brilliant Thing, Coriolanus, Fun Home and two plays from the Howland Company make our list of the year's most memorable shows Read more


This year was all about films that questioned entrenched values, particularly when the subject was the way we work Read more

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