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Louis C.K.: 2017

Cara Howe

At the first of seven sold-out shows at Yuk Yuk's, the mostly white, male audience ate up jokes about sexual misconduct, Asians, gays and Justin Trudeau Read more

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Samuel Engelking

To avoid online leaks, the stand-up comic's first local gig after admitting to sexual misconduct allegations will be a phone-free experience Read more

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I’m drawn to listen to stories from the other side. If I don’t hear them, I can’t understand them. And my goal is to understand. You. Me. Them. Read more


People are urging Yuk Yuk's Toronto to cancel a comedy show called White Guys Matter hosted by Aaron Berg that promises only white male comedians and jokes about race, religion and sexism Read more

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Whether it's Billy Crystal telling people to shove phones up their ass or ushers cutting off entire tables of drunk talkers, the city's theatres are fighting back against rude behaviour Read more

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Mike Wilmot, Darren Frost and raunchy newcomer JJ Liberman discuss why blue comedy is suddenly hitting the mainstream Read more