Trap For Cinderella

TRAP FOR CINDERELLA (TVA, 2013) D: Iain Softley,.

TRAP FOR CINDERELLA (TVA, 2013) D: Iain Softley, w/ Tuppence Middleton, Alexandra Roach. Rating: NN DVD package: none Rating: NN

Trap For Cinderella is an old-school mystery/suspenser that puts its heroine in baffling circumstances but not necessarily direct peril, and piles on the twists until the big revelation.

Heiress Micky (Tuppence Middleton) wakes up in hospital with severe burns and amnesia, the result of a fire that killed her best friend, Do (Alexandra Roach). Micky’s ailing aunt’s personal assistant, Julia (Kerry Fox), seems not to have her best interests at heart. Flashbacks begin to flesh out Micky and Do’s ambiguous relationship.

It’s hard to do an amnesia movie without flashbacks, of course, but director Iain Softley chucks them in every chance he gets, occasionally to tell us something we already know and too often without helping to orient us, and this contributes to a mid-point sag that’s slightly alleviated by the south-of-France scenery and a bit of nudity and sex.

The performances are adequate but nothing to shout about, and you’ll probably guess the big reveal early on.

There are no extras, so if you like tangled European thrillers with something to offer besides cops and/or stalk ‘n’ slash, check out the classic Diabolique, The Lady In The Car With Glasses And A Gun or The Talented Mr. Ripley.

EXTRAS English, French audio. No subtitles.

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