Trey Songz – Trigga


Rating: NNN

In his five previous albums, Trey Songz established himself as a heartthrob of the R. Kelly bedroom-R&B variety.

Since that time, the genre’s seen deep-thinking PBR&B artists like Frank Ocean, precocious sonic groundbreakers like the Weeknd, and Ty$, a singer so face-flushingly dirty he makes R. Kelly seem like a Backstreet Boy.

As sex-filled as Trigga is, typical bedroom R&B is no longer such a turn-on.

Plus, for all the heat he attempts to generate, Songz comes off as hella cold. Gone is the tender, woman-adoring sweetness found on his debut. Here, Trey is doing Trey – hos be damned. This is fine for a few tracks but eventually becomes hollow, not to mention unforgivably misogynistic at times (Late Night).

Nevertheless, Trigga is smooth and singable, with its share of gems. Change Your Mind is the most initially catchy (in that vanilla, Jason Derülo way) and Foreign (Remix) begs for repeat spins.

Touchin, Lovin – with its borrowed R. Kelly hook from Biggie’s Fucking You Tonight, its Timbalandesque staccato interjections and its biting, far-too-short Nicki Minaj verse – is the standout.

Top track: Touchin, Lovin

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