Twin Shadow – Confess


Rating: NNNN

There is quite a lot of crying – of the necessary and unnecessary varieties – on Twin Shadow’s sophomore album, which picks up right where his emotionally charged debut left off. (Indeed, the track listing on the physical edition starts with the number 12 rather than one.)

The songs are about hindsight, words that should’ve been said and endless relationship frustration, all sung with equal parts urgency and cool-headed precision by George Lewis Jr., who solidifies his reputation as a pop-rock balladeer of the finest order, unafraid to indulge in either sentimentality or spitefulness. Yet for all his angsty reflection, you get the distinct sense he isn’t wallowing: he’ll do it all over again.

Production-wise, Confess is more polished and expansive than its predecessor. Lewis self-produced the record, and paces each song like a mini chase scene, a tone set by lead single Five Seconds’ palpitating, turbo-charged beat. Each song builds with layer upon layer of wistful guitar riffs, shuffling bass lines, soaring choruses and catchy melodies.

An endlessly listenable album.

Top track: Run My Heart

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