Voyage Of Time: Life’s Journey

SPEC D: Terrence Malick. Germany. 90 min. Sep.

SPEC D: Terrence Malick. Germany. 90 min. Sep 10, 3:15 pm, Princess of Wales Sep 16, 9:30 am, TIFF Bell Lightbox 1 Sep 18, 12:15 pm, Scotiabank 14. Rating: NN

Malick’s feature-length expansion of The Tree Of Life’s creation-and-evolution sequence is absolutely gorgeous and utterly tedious.

A mixture of large-format nature documentary, low-resolution camcorder travelogue and elaborate digital creations, Voyage Of Time is loosely organized as a natural history of the world, from the formation of the planet’s surface through the reign of dinosaurs and to the Stone Age.

It’s beautiful, but there’s no sense of pace or purpose Malick gets lost in this lava field or that glacier, wandering aimlessly through his footage.

Worse, it’s all tracked to his signature searching narration – once a genuinely artful window into his movies’ hearts, now a weary cliché. (“Mother, am I born of love?”) This version is read by Cate Blanchett Brad Pitt will narrate the 45-minute IMAX version.

That one will move faster, at least.


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