Watch PUP blast out two songs in a tiny studio

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The Stiegl Hidden Studio Sessions is a series of videos that capture intimate performances of bands we love. The locations of these sessions are, naturally, a secret. And the performances are also stripped down to the basics to create a more up-close-and-personal experience. 

PUP has gone through a lot as a band. After performing hundreds of shows in support of their debut album – performances known for the band’s complete lack of concern for their own well-being – singer Stefan Babcock developed a hemorrhaged cyst on his vocal cords. He took his doctor’s recommendation to quit music forever as an invitation to try walking to the southern edge of South America. 

Back with a new album, The Dream is Over, the foursome shows no signs of slowing down despite all the sprained ankles, facial injuries, microphone beanings and career-threatening vocal issues. Watch the video below to see what happens when you put one of Toronto’s most exciting acts in a small studio space and hit ‘record.’

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