Mozart’s Sister and Fresh Snow at the Garrison

Now in its 15th year, Wavelength continues to champion emerging talent

WAVELENGTH 15: MOZART’S SISTER and FRESH SNOW at The Garrison, February 15, 2015. RATING: NNN

When the first notes from Fresh Snow emerged from the fog of dry ice, it was easy to tell why Wavelength’s organizers are so invested in the band: their proggy post-rock recalls acts from the music series’ heyday with a refreshing bend toward Krauty experimentalism. Even while basking in the kaleidoscopic visuals (care of General Chaos) now synonymous with the festival, nothing about the performance felt like a rehash. 

Wavelength is not only nurturing emerging acts, but like other festivals such as Pop Montreal, organizers have also added pop-up shops and more panel discussions to their lineup.

Also borrowed from Montreal was Mozart’s Sister, who headlined Sunday’s event. Her buoyant energy coursed through the room, and her future-focused pop sounded polished and spacious. Her voice’s dimensions maneuvered around her rubbery, homemade beats, reducing the crowd to a hot dancing mess. 

Previous Wavelength Fests celebrated the Toronto institution’s many years of successes without having much to say about their place in the future, but only looking backwards caters to a bunch of plaid shirts still living in Torontopia. Thankfully, Sunday night’s show proved that Wavelength’s organizers are just as invested in the future as they are in the past. 

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