Weekend Movies: Black Mass, Cooties, The Perfect Guy and more

A quick scan of new releases in theatres this week

Black Mass casts Johnny Depp as Boston crime lord James “Whitey” Bulger – and buries him under a prosthetic forehead and coloured contacts. It’s a gimmick the movie doesn’t need he looks like a werewolf in mid-transformation. Worse, Depp and director Cooper are so invested in the idea of Whitey Bulger as a monster that they forget to make him a human being.(Read full review here).

Opens September 18. See listings.

 Rating: NNN

Cooties is your basic rage-zombie movie, but there’s a twist: the virus only turns children into frenzied killing machines… not that this is of much help to the teachers trapped in a public school with hundreds of students. Co-directors Milott and Murnion embrace every cliché of the zombie genre, which is kind of wonderful when it’s played out at pint-size scale.(Read full review here). 

Opens September 18. See listings. 

Rating: NNN

The Editor finds the Manborg writer/director/actors turning their sights to the splatteriffic 70s and the strain of Italian horror known as giallo. The story is appropriately kinked: when a mysterious slasher starts picking off his colleagues in spectacularly bloody ways, a film editor (co-director Brooks) with a tragic past realizes he’s not only working on a giallo, but living in one. (read full review here). 

Opens September 18. See listings.

Rating: NNNN

The Perfect Guy is a bland woman-in-peril movie that waits 40 minutes to bring on the menace and is so predictable that it has audience members giggling. Leah has a near-perfect middle-class life: good job, supportive girlfriends, loving parents, a house so decorated that it looks like no one lives there. Only her boyfriend is flawed. (Read full review here). 

Opens September 18. See listings.

Rating: N 

Everest is based on a real-life disaster about two expeditions to Mount Everest. The star-studded cast includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, Robin Wright and Keira Knightley. (Read full review here). 

Opens September 18. See listings.


Captive re-creates a 2005 incident in which recovering addict Ashley Smith was held overnight in her Duluth home by escaped felon Brian Nichols, who’d been awaiting trial in Atlanta for a vicious sexual assault. (Read full review here). 

Opens September 18. See listings.

Rating: NN

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