Inside Out 2016: Were here, were queer and were on many screens

The 26th annual Inside Out festival of LGBT movies hits the TIFF Bell Lightbox May 26 to June 5 with.

The 26th annual Inside Out festival of LGBT movies hits the TIFF Bell Lightbox May 26 to June 5 with a jam-packed slate. Many films screened recently at Hot Docs, including the devastating Southwest Of Salem. See next weeks issue for more queer cinema from Canada and around the world. Tickets are decently priced at $11 to $14 per screening. Get them at

But here are some films in the fest we’ve seen elsewhere:

NNNN: Southwest Of Salem

As America fell into a panic about Satanic ritual (and thanks also to a climate of homophobia), four Latina lesbians were convicted in the late 90s of gang raping two children and received sentences of 16 to 37 years. (See full review).

NNNN: Strike A Pose

A quarter-century after dancing on Madonnas Vogue video and controversial Blond Ambition tour, then starring in the subsequent Truth Or Dare doc, Luis Camacho, Jose Gutierez, Salim Gauwloos, Kevin Stea and others reveal all about their estrangement from Madge (some filed lawsuits against her), how they dealt with fame and what theyve been doing since. (See full review).

NNN: The Slippers

Dorothys ruby slippers from The Wizard Of Oz are among the most recognizable items in movie history, evoking all those cozy feelings we associate with the classic. Who knew that those shoes rescued from the rubbish heap by costumer Kent Warner when MGM liquidated its assets in the 1970s would one day be shrouded in theft, mystery and greed? (See full review).

NNN: Closet Monster

There are many things to like about this Newfoundland-set coming-of-age/coming out/quasi-body horror picture, not the least of which are Bobby Shore’s low-key, obstacle-laden camerawork and a carefully graded performance by Connor Jessup as Oscar, an aspiring monster makeup artist terrorized by his own homosexuality. (See full review).

NNN: Angry Indian Goddesses

Nalins ensemble piece introduces five women, all of whom except the alpha female capitalist Su (Sandhya Mridul) are getting royally jerked around by sexists in the workplace. Soon theyve assembled to celebrate the nuptials of their friend Frieda (Sarah Jane Dias), and the pic settles into a study of their relationships and their personal struggles, at work and with one another. (See full review).

NNN: Summertime (La belle saison)

The pic, set in tumultuous early-70s France, is laboured in presenting how Higelins farm girl and de Frances Parisian feminist meet and unconvincingly brief when developing their attraction, which at first seems all about the sex. (See full review).

If you missed those at TIFF or Hot Docs, buy your tickets now. They’re decently priced at $11 to $14 per screening. Get them at

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