What costume (on someone else) would best fuel your fantasy fire?

Many of you have a complicated relationship with capitalism and authority, given the number who pine for a three-piece suit or police uniform. Other classic standbys such as firefighters, schoolgirls, maids and librarians were healthily represented as well. But some were a bit more specific.

Westley from The Princess Bride

Wesley Crusher Star Trek uniform

James Bond

Suspenders and an axe 

“Well, in the past, cop. But now with the whole Eric Garner/Michael Brown happenings (I’m African American), that’s way too fucked up to be erotic.”

Eleventh Doctor 

East Coast fisherman 

“Seriously, I have a bizarre Sweetums fantasy that I’ve yet to play out. Sweetums, the big shaggy monster from The Muppet Show. Yes. That one.”

“1940s soldier – nice uniform, not associated with any of the things the army’s done lately.”


“My girlfriend wearing her Branksome Hall uniform.”

Classic black lingerie with garter belt and black wig

 I love cross-dressing or gender-bending… that rocks my pants.

Han Solo, baby 

Latex storm trooper ftw


“Any uniform with a hat. The hat stays on.”

“A man in a suit. I do hate the corporate culture very much, but using one of those well-tailored men for sex could be interesting.”

Blue-collar worker

Elevator repairman (specifically Otis)

Rosie the Riveter 

“Superhero stuff. Save me from this shithole of a world, and make it sexy.”

Either businessman or dirty street bum

A man wearing a cat costume

Black Bloc anarchist

Eyes Wide Shut capes and masks

Something Gilbert Blythe from Anne Of Green Gables would wear

“A man in construction-work gear. I am so turned on by construction workers. There is something about the ruggedness and roughness and the helmet, utility belts, straps, steel-toe boots, dirtiness and hard hands. I often slow down or just stop and stare at construction sites, but I’m not looking at the development. I’m staring at the hot men. My fantasy is one will see me on his break and sneak me away to a private area and fuck me, maybe invite some of the other guys. I’m turned on now.”

Firefighter or Jedi knight

Canadian Olympic men’s hockey team gear and jersey – with gold medal(s)!

Scottish warrior (kilts, belts, etc.)


Samus Aran’s Zero Suit

“No costume. A girl wearing my T-shirt and nothing else is hot.” 

Catwoman à la Julie Newmar circa 1966

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