What title would you give to a memoir about your love and/or sex life?

I'm Not A Virgin, I Swear! How Modern.

I’m Not A Virgin, I Swear! How Modern Feminism And Traditional Values Ruled My 20s

Contents May Differ From Packaging: Memoirs Of A Toronto Trans Escort 

Prude To Perv: How Seven Nights in Beijing Changed How I View The World

Want To Pet My Pussy? A Gay Man’s Guide To Love, Sex And All Things Cat

More Tequila, Less Shame

Making Men Cry: How To Stop Caring About Their Feelings And Start Having The Sex You Want (it’s a misandry-themed self-help book) 

Drink, Wank, Cry, Repeat 

I Love You Like I Love My Strap-on, And The Four Other People I Fuck: A Life In Kink, Non-monogamy And Gender Exploration 

The Queer Theorist’s Burden

Swirling Pot Of Salted Caramel 

Threesomes, Fourgies, Fivedives And Sixsex

Oh, The Things We Should Have Done 

I Regret Nothing

Fist And Shout 

Batteries Batteries Batteries! The Story Of How One Woman Kept Duracell In Business 

Bottoming My Way To The Top

The Hobbit

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