You Are Here

YOU ARE HERE written and directed by.

YOU ARE HERE written and directed by Daniel Cockburn, with Tracy Wright, R.D. Reid, Anand Rajaram and Nadia Litz. A Pacific Northwest Pictures release. 78 minutes. Opens Friday (August 19) at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. See Times. Rating: NNNN

Experimental video artist Daniel Cockburn graduates to features with this playful but intensely cerebral look at identity, individualism and social dynamics.

A lecturer (R.D. Reid) explains the importance of resisting distraction – including the distraction provided by his own lecture. An archivist (Tracy Wright, in one of her final performances) collects artifacts around Toronto, including a videotape of the lecturer. Office workers spend their days ordering people to wander the city. And a crowd – named Alan – ponders its daily routine.

It all comes together – sort of – but that’s not really the point. Cockburn is inviting us into his head, to think about the things he never stops thinking about. It’s kind of nice in there.

Read an interview with director Daniel Cockburn here.

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