Must-see: The Christopher Wahl Gift Shop


The chances that you’ve seen a photograph by Christopher Wahl are pretty high. The Toronto-based photographer’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II sits in the halls of the AGO’s permanent collection, and his immaculately composed images can often be found in the pages of Rolling Stone, Macleans and The Globe and Mail. But chances are, you’ve never had an invitation to shop his personal archive.

This weekend, the acclaimed photographer is opening his doors to collectors and anyone else looking to remedy the feeling of their blank walls at home passively complaining “this place could use a little more character.” Priced at $100 each, the 11×14 prints range from published to personal work and span Wahl’s illustrious career, from his early days hustling for the Toronto Sun to becoming one of the most sought-after portrait photographers in the country.

Expect lot’s of familiar faces: he’s shot everyone from the Pope to the Rolling Stones –captured in his intimate, candid and imitable style.

The sale runs this Saturday and Sunday (December 5 and 6) from 12 – 4p m at 594 Spadina Ave. Cash only.

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