Editorial Mandate

About Now Toronto

Through Gonez Media, Now Toronto is dedicated to delivering daily local news through our digital, unbiased publication to audiences across generational lines. We are journalists committed to sharing accurate information and content rooted in facts and covering topics that are of interest to our readership. We achieve this through the work produced in our four sections: news, culture, lifestyle and real estate. 


Fact Checking

Articles and content published by way of Now Toronto are rigorously fact-checked. Our editors, journalists and freelance writers strictly adhere to our guidelines to ensure we are prioritizing facts in our coverage. 

Corrections & Updates

Where an error has been made, we take the necessary and immediate steps to rectify and transparently let our readers know when a correction has been made. When a story needs to be updated, we adhere to the same process. Our procedure is to add an updated time and date stamp, a clear indication of what the former claim stated and what it has been changed to.

We welcome our audience to report any inaccuracies using the form on our contact page.

Zero Tolerance Gift Acceptance

Now Toronto employees comply with a zero tolerance gift acceptance policy and do not accept money, gifts, invitation or favours in exchange for coverage.

Sensitive Issues 

We understand that as journalists it is our responsibility to cover issues that may be polarizing. We strive to cover all issues with a nonpartisan lens while ensuring that we are not dehumanizing subjects and communities. 

Sponsored Content

When Now Toronto publishes sponsored content, it will be clearly identified as such. The writers and editors that produce sponsored content are separate from the Now Toronto editorial masthead. Our sponsored content and our partners have no bearing or influence on the editorial decisions of the Now Toronto masthead and the work they produce.

Please be advised that our editorial mandate is a living document and is subject to change. 

Our Commitment to Inclusion

Now Toronto is the voice of the people and as a progressive, alt publication, we endeavour to amplify the voices that are often underrepresented. Our coverage and masthead reflect this principle.  

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