Drew Hayden Taylor

A Canada 150 birthday wish

I always thought I was the perfect Canadian, born on the first of July, half Native and half settler. But I hope there’s less controversy on my 150th.

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My Canada 150 dilemma

When the National Arts Centre approached me about producing a play about John A. Macdonald, I was puzzled. Why me?

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Is Joseph Boyden “Grey Owling”?

I’m reluctant to pass judgment on questions that have been asked recently about whether he’s overstated his Native heritage since my own blue eyes have made me somewhat suspect

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My Cuba red alert

It’s not a place I would have expected to experience the familiar stirrings of an existential crisis

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Attawapiskat or bust: Why we won’t move

Scott Gilmore of Maclean’s has thought about it. Walrus Magazine editor-in-chief Jonathan Kay has considered it. Even former prime minister Jean Chretien has suggested it. Admit it: you’ve likely wondered

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A lesson in genocide

If there were a T-shirt for residential school survivors, I’d suggest “To save the child we must destroy the Indian”

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Wild rice fight: cottagers versus Indians

A staple of First Nations diet is taking over valuable shoreline in the Kawarthas, say cottagers on Pigeon Lake, but those who weekend in the area may be the real invasive species in this tale

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Why First Nations might vote this time around

Aboriginal reluctance to participate in federal elections is easily understandable when you look at the candidates for prime minister – all white, privileged and male – but exciting things are afoot in #elxn42

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