Fringe Festival Patrons’ Picks shows announced


Don Valley Girls part of Fringe Toronto 2022 things to do in Toronto July 8
The Don Valley Girls get an extra Fringe performance on Sunday.

It wouldn’t be a live and in-person Toronto Fringe Festival without the Patrons’ Picks. Patrons’ Picks are shows that performed so well at a venue’s box office that they get an extra performance this Sunday (July 17).

At a live awards ceremony held earlier tonight, the following shows were announced as Patrons’ Picks recipients, with their venue and new performance time added:

Questing Beast

(St. Vladimir’s, Sunday, July 17 at 3:45 pm)

Sketch T-Rex

(Factory Main Space, 9:30 pm)


(Factory Studio, 10:15 pm)

The Sorauren Book Club

(Al Green Theatre, 10:15 pm)

Don Valley Girls

(Streetcar Crowsnest Guloien Theatre, 9:45 pm)

Six Chick Flicks Or: A Legally Blonde Pretty Woman Dirty Danced On The Beaches While Writing A Notebook On The Titanic

(Tarragon Main Space, 9:45 pm)

Gay For Pay With Blake & Clay

(Tarragon Extraspace, 9:30 pm)

Alia Ceniza Rasul: Moro Girl

(Tarragon Solo Room, 9:45 pm)

A Perfect Bowl Of Pho

(Ada Slaight Theatre, 10:15 pm)

X And Da Spirit

(Aki Studio, 9:45 pm)

The Crack Of Doom! (Or: How I Learned To Love The Meteor)

(Robert Gill Theatre, 9:45 pm)

Tickets for the Patrons’ Picks shows are now on sale at Because of scheduling, some companies will be performing their shows twice on the same day.

Don Valley Girls: A Sketch Comedy Revue has its final regular performance scheduled for 6:15 pm on Sunday. They’ll get a couple hours’ break before returning for their Patrons’ Pick show.

The Crack Of Doom! folks have even less time between shows. Their final scheduled performance is at 7:30 pm, and because their show runs 90 minutes, they’ll have a tight 45 minutes before they have to go through the show all over again at the Robert Gill.

Other Toronto Fringe awards were announced tonight as well.

The Tosho Cutting Edge Award goes to 9428

The North (519) Best of the Fringe Award, which includes up to two additional performances presented by Theatre Orangeville and their Summer Arts Fest (August 10-14), goes to John Who and The Chels Stands Alone.

The Comedy Bar and Second City Award for Outstanding Comedy Awards, which includes additional performances in the fall, go to: Gay For Pay With Blake & Clay (ensemble); The Chels Stands Alone (solo).

The David Seguin Memorial Award for Accessibility in the Arts Award, which are bursaries to productions that feature the work of an artist or artists with a disability, go to: Flowers For Alex; Don Valley Girls; Back And Forth: The Musical; An Evening With Devon And Jackie; Neverwonder: The Musica; Bruno & Hogginfritz; Birdseed Confidential.




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