King West restaurant Marbl investigated for crowding

Tory confirms the AGCO is investigating distancing and safety practices at Marbl after video showing a packed party scene circulated online

Marbl on King West is currently being investigated by authorities after video circulated on social media this week of a packed patio purportedly belonging to the bar.

On Wednesday, Toronto mayor John Tory said that the AGCO is investigating the distancing and safety practices at the King West steakhouse, which was previously home to Drake’s restaurant Frings.

The video, which garnered more than 32,000 views on Twitter, shows a group of servers holding up drinks and sparklers next to patrons clustered side-by-side in a partially-covered outdoor seating area. No one in the video appears to be wearing a mask.

In a statement to the Canadian Press, Marbl management said that a storm kicked up during service Friday, and servers were forced to bring the group under the covered section of the patio.

“The two minutes of footage that has been shared is an anomaly and not reflective of the rest of the evening, which was all socially distanced,” the club said.

The investigation follows a number of reports of restaurants in the King West area not sticking to social distancing guidelines, which state that patrons must be seated a minimum of six feet apart.

Both Regulars and Ruby Soho were singled out online for poor distancing practices in lineups and on patios after patios reopened. Meanwhile, Goldie was shut down by authorities for allegedly hosting a secret indoor party.


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  • Denis Robert July 15, 2020 08:32 PM

    There is no social distancing happening on any of the patios I’ve seen in the Entertainment District this week. They are all far more crowded than social distancing guidelines require. So this whole thing is a joke. Either enforce the rules, or let the cat out of the bag: that businesses’ profits matter far more than the lives of ordinary Torontonians.

  • Winnie McDonagh July 15, 2020 09:01 PM

    I just walked home on King West. I live in the entertain ent district. Heard a lot of happy people but did not see crowding.
    Saw similar good vibes and reasonable distance in the patios on Adelaide west of John on the weekend.

    Yes the odd person is oblivious but in general so nice to see the city in some level of activity

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