Suzanne Barr’s Kid Chocolate postponed indefinitely

Bad news for fans of Suzanne Barr: After a year of delays, the Saturday Dinette chef seems to have thrown in the towel on her new restaurant – at least for the time being.

“Kid Chocolate lunch counter and bar is taking a knee for a minute as long-standing battles with bureaucracy and building issues have suspended our opening indefinitely,” Barr writes on Instagram. The opening, which originally appeared slated for last summer, was pushed back repeatedly due to red tape.

In the interim, the chef, who recently featured in the Hot Docs-opening documentary The Heat: A Kitchen (R)evolution, plans to focus on other projects, including consulting and finishing a new cookbook, as well as spending time with family. The Kid Chocolate name will remain, she says, as a “design and lifestyle house.”

Until recently, Barr was heading up the kitchen at the Gladstone Hotel next, she’ll be spending the summer at Sand and Pearl Oyster Bar in Prince Edward County.

Read Barr’s full statement below, and follow her on Instagram for more updates: | @nowtoronto

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