Are you ready to get Jac-ed?

Slice series explores the sexier side of shop keeping

Some people seem like they’d be perfect for reality TV.

They live their lives with an amped up sense of drama whether there’s an MTV camera crew on a flatbed truck following them down the street or not. Their friends are a motley crew of similarly over-the-top oddballs who wouldn’t have to ham it up too hard to solicit a smirk from Simon Cowell on an American Idol audition episode. And the extreme environments they place themselves in could easily be added to the travel itinerary of season 5,710,436 of the Amazing Race.

JacFlash owner Jaclyn Genovese has never seemed particularly stardom-starved when I’ve been in her Queen and Ossington store. Independent retailing is rarely a hotbed of gossip and innuendo unless you find tricky accounting and steaming the wrinkles out of new spring merch scandalous. Nevertheless, she and her shop are the stars of‘s new web series JacLife.


The six-parter launched on Monday with an introduction to its cast of characters including Genovese and her three besties (pardon the Tiger Beat lingo but, you know, when writing about Rome…) Gillian, Kaity and Lauren who all help her out at the store.

We learn Genovese is allergic to champagne and that there are a couple of guys in her life but nothing serious right now. And there’s montage after montage of the women throwing back drinks and dancing on assorted elevated surfaces (the boutique’s counter, the burlesque stage at Jezebel, etc.).

It’s easy to hate on this type of show and question the message it sends to young viewers but, in reality, most people watching are likely in-their-twenties types like yours truly who log in expecting to be mildly offended but, otherwise, entertained. The more important question is which cast member’s scene stealing antics and fake tan earns her the title of Toronto’s Snooki?[rssbreak]

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