Art History and The Melissa

ART HISTORY 1080 Queen West, no phone,.

ART HISTORY 1080 Queen West, no phone,

THE MELISSA 1080 Queen West, 416-399-5557

You can’t consume more sustainably than vintage, so we’re shopping green this week at neighbouring Queen-and-Dovercourt boutiques The Melissa and Art History.


The former is textile designer and artist Melissa Levin’s clearing house for her ample 30-year-old collection of retro fabrics, board games and other kitschy, collectable knick-knacks. Levin had planned on playing shopkeeper for only a few weeks, but three months into her store’s life, she’s hooked and has oodles of souvenir scarves and throwback toys in her basement to top up stock for a while.

Art History

Michael Watier

Art History is a collaboration between gallerist Katharine Mulherin and Niki Boghossian, who curate found furniture, housewares and small original artworks and multiples. What the shops share is an appreciation for how beautiful, useful and coveted forgotten objects can be when they’re recontextualized. Let’s call that the fourth R.

The Melissa picks: 1950s jacquard curtains reclaimed from German hotel rooms, $75 to $200 vintage decks ready for cottage card games are backed with puppies, roses and TWA jet liners, $20 and up.

The Melissa

Michael Watier

Art History picks: Indie artist zines are stacked on a convertible oak table a Meghan Durlak print, $18.

The Melissa hours: Wednesday to Saturday noon to 7 pm, Sunday noon to 5 pm or by appointment.

Art History hours: Thursday and Friday noon to 7 pm, Saturday 11 am to 6 pm, Sunday 1 to 5 pm or by appointment.

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