CUBESHOPS 11 Baldwin, 416-260-0710, cubeshops.comJust when you.

CUBESHOPS 11 Baldwin, 416-260-0710,

Just when you think you’ve seen every product on the planet, along comes Cubeshops. The teensy Baldwin Street store is cleanly stocked with quirky but useful Japanese buys that defy explanation, but we’ll give it a try.



Most things, from ceramic Tag cups in silicone muffin-cup jackets to Akanbe origami-folded felt bags used to tote around magazines and newspapers are by H-Concept for its +d collection. Other items in the lineup include cushions shaped like maintenance hole covers and asterisk-shaped rubber umbrella stands.


Orange Rhodia notebooks from France and staple-less staplers by Vancouver’s eco-conscious Made by Humans stand out among the few non-Japanese finds.


Cubeshops picks: Cao Maru resin stress balls that come in four fretful expressions are a hit with local office workers doing lunch on Baldwin, $33 the Goony is a bendable figure that works as an accessory tray or a holder for other assorted knick-knacks, $24 Number Cups with handles shaped like digits zero to nine are big for birthdays and apartment warmings, $13 each.

Look for: Hario’s coffee syphon that looks like a bubbling science experiment as it brews your morning cup.

Hours: Monday to Saturday 1 to 8 pm, Sunday 1 to 6 pm.

Photos by Michael Watier

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