Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Cannabis presents for your best buds

Banana glass pipe 

Add some potassium to that special someone’s life with this banana-shaped pipe. Made of raw glass, this pipe from Oregon-based designer Humble Pride Glass is as adorable as it is functional. 

$56, Easy Tiger Goods (1447 Dundas West,


Tasty Buds 

It looks like the kind of bag of dank kush your high school dealer used to carry, but these buds are actually white chocolate-covered cookie bites that don’t contain any THC or CBD. From Vancouver-based brand Tasty Buds, they come in three flavours: Blueberry Yum Yum, Mint Cookies, Raspberry Haze and our favourite, Canadian Maple Crunch. Unlike real edibles, you don’t have to worry about portion control. 

From $5.99, Blue Banana (250 Augusta,


Classic Volcano vaporizer 

For nearly 20 years, the Classic Volcano has been a mainstay on stoner’s living room coffee tables. First produced in 2000, the German-designed tabletop vaporizer is famous for its patented balloon system, which is ideal for group or solo sessions. The chamber can hold up to one gram and the dial knob lets you control the temperature. 

$575.99, TVape (

Calyx Wellness Smooth lotion

Smooth CBD lotion

This infused topical lotion from local brand Calyx Wellness has 600 mg of hemp-extracted CBD, which provides localized relief from pain, inflammation, eczema and acne. Unlike THC, hemp-derived CBD is 100 per cent non-psychoactive, which means this lotion won’t make you high.

$83.99, Calyx Wellness, (1606 Queen West, 124 Cumberland,

GoodWood doob tube

TW1G doob tube

Protect your goods with this slender doob tube made by Niagara region-based brand Goodwood. It’s designed for king-sized joints or blunts and can be custom engraved with a special holiday message. It’s also a gift that keeps on growing: Goodwood plants one tree for every TW1G bought.  

$19.99, Goodwood (

Tokyo Smoke stash jar

Marble stash jar and ashtray 

For the friend that keeps their stash in an old Ziploc bag, this white marble jar is airtight to conceal odours and keep your bud fresh, and features an ashtray that locks into the base. 

$65, Tokyo Smoke (333 Yonge, 668 Queen West, 850B Adelaide West,


Herbal Chef butter maker 

The trickiest (and most time-consuming) part of making your own edibles is infusing the butter, which can involve hours of hovering over a pot, continuous stirring and then straining out the flower. With this handy, stainless steel stovetop gadget, you don’t have to worry about burning or messy straining, and it makes cannabutter in as little as 10 minutes. 

$59.95, Friendly Stranger (241 Queen West,

Utilian 420 vaporizer

Utillian 420 vaporizer 

If you’re looking to treat someone to their first vaporizer, consider the budget-friendly Utillian 420. It’s discreet, features four pre-set temperatures, charges through USB and heats up in just 20 seconds. The glass mouthpiece ensures a smooth inhale, and tucks inside the unit for safe keeping for those sessions on the go.  

$79.99, 180 Smoke ( 

Darth Vader grinder

Darth Vader grinder 

The force is strong with this one – as in, the force of this three-piece grinder with a kief collector can easily pulverize and store your bud. Get it for the Star Wars fan on your list who incessantly posts Baby Yoda memes. 

$20, Hot Box Lounge & Shop (204 Augusta,

Verde Vie stash case

Stash case 

With the rise of portable vaporizers and edibles, rolling the perfect joint could soon become a lost art. For those who still prefer their jazz cigarettes, this embossed leather stash case can easily fit half a dozen. From Verde Vie and made in collaboration with Japanese designer Tsubota Pearl, the case easily slips into jean pockets, so you never have to worry about a bent joint again. 

$115, Verde Vie (

Famous Brandz water pipe

Space water pipe

Some people love their bongs in psychedelic hues with otherworldly patterns. However for the minimalist on your list, consider Famous Brandz’s Space pipe. Made with high-quality, durable borosilicate glass (the same material as Pyrex), this pipe features a subtle geometric graphic and comes with a thick herb bowl. 

$69.90, Canna Cabana (435B Yonge,



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