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Grab your gal gear for International Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day, first celebrated in 1909, will rock the world March 8, marking a rad struggle for labour and women’s rights that goes back much further than that.

And while mass-marketed “girl power” (like, gag me with my silver spoon) is for sale in your local mall, if you want to pick up a piece of ferocious female force to inspire you to fight the universe for yet another year, here are some groovy options:

1. Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, the late first meistress of feminist art, looking gorgeous on a funky tote ($15.98, Butterfield 8, 235 Danforth, 416-406-5664). 2. For grocery and bad-boy/girlfriend lists, get some Smart Women Chalk It Up To Experience chalk ($6.98, Butterfield 8). 3. Girl/girl change purse, for saving the millions that you’re going to donate to your favourite women’s group ($19.99, Alkatraz, 475 Queen West, 416-504-3609). 4. Wear your heart on your boobs — go old school with a woman’s-symbol pendant ($20, Toronto Women’s Bookstore, 73 Harbord, 416-922-8744, 5. Saucy buttons, to let the patriarchy know some important stuff ($2, TWB). 6. Cool magnets to remind you of your impeccable politics every time you go grab the ice cream ($4.50, TWB and $5.50, Glitz, 455 Church, 416-975-1343). 7. For the 70s mama within, get a personally screen-printed Afro-lady T ($7.99, Black Market, 256 Queen West, 416-599-5858). 8. For a little light reading when Sex And The City isn’t on, brainy babe books and mags ($12-$30, TWB — naturally and Good for Her, 175 Harbord, 416-588-0900). 9. Aku Aba fertility goddess doll ($120, World Art & Decor, 803 Queen West, 416-504-6340). 10. Daddy’s Little Dyke sticker ($3.50, TWB). 11. 50-Foot Woman journal ($18.99, Flatirons, 449 Church, 416-968-9274, and others). 12. Rebecca West postcard ($1.25, TWB). 13. Catwoman notecards ($22.95, Alkatraz). 14. Pillbox ($15, Butterfield 8). 15. One-Woman Army panties, ($8.50, TWB).

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