I Have a Crush on You

I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU 51 Jefferson, unit 201, 416-880-6369, smittenkitten.ca

There’s nothing like getting lost in a gift shop full of quirky finds that somehow perfectly match all the weird characters in your life. I Have a Crush on You is a new 700-square-foot space in Liberty Village that stocks crush-worthy products from niche brands and indie designers. The store’s philosophy is that odd is good.

Oh, your friend with the bizarre Bill Murray fixation is having a birthday? There’s a Thrill Murray colouring book ($24) with artwork from 24 illustrators.

Looking for an out-of-the-box way to tell your partner you’re expecting? Pick up a helium balloon that proudly announces “The condom broke.”

I Have a Crush on You is the newest project of Toronto-based design studio Smitten Kitten, known for their ethically and locally produced paper goods and gifts. Owner Amy Kwong operates her studio in the back of the new space while the shop occupies the front.

Kwong invites curious guests to browse the shop and interact with its fascinating assortment of products and the people who work there. If you happen to buy something, that’s just a cherry on top.

I Have a Crush on You picks Not that there’s much danger of anyone forgetting Rob Ford any time soon, but Kwong points out the shop’s limited-edition Rob Ford commemorative plates ($65). She also suggests Phonekerchiefs ($28), signal-blocking hankies that can be wrapped around your phone to “give your date your undivided attention.”

Look for A free cheeky balloon until June 18. Serial nappers should consider the Ostrich Pillow ($130), a cocoon-like soft helmet that allows you to snooze whenever, wherever.

Hours Monday through Friday 11 am to 6 pm, Saturday noon to 6 pm.

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