Kiss me I’m Irish

Rating: NNNNNSt. Patrick's Day is March 17, and you don't want to be caught wearing the wrong colour while praising.

Rating: NNNNN

St. Patrick’s Day is March 17, and you don’t want to be caught wearing the wrong colour while praising the name of the patron saint of Ireland. So in honour of St. Paddy, here’s a choice selection of green gear, which is the national colour because leprechauns wear green, and the hills in Ireland are green and you look green the day after you drink too much Guinness and, um, we don’t know why else.

Naturally, the first thing a good Irish girl should do on St. Patrick’s Day after 1) guarding her blessed virginity at all costs and 2) getting completely sozzled, is to go roller skating across the rolling green meadows of Toronto! And a very official Copy Cat skate-a-thon tank is the perfect Drunk Roller Skating uniform (1. $69, Jet Rag, 359 Queen West, 416-979-2677). For carrying your handfuls of four-leafed clovers, a buggy Fing bag (2. $84, Rubies, 715 Queen West, 416-601-6789).

Don’t let it rain on your St. Paddy’s Day parade — stop the melancholy moisture with a green-is-the-new-black brolly (3. $29, Benetton, 102 Bloor West, 416-968-1611). Make your friends green with envy (c’mon, we had to say it once!) with pretty drop earrings by Stanish (4. $30, Red Pegasus, 628 College, 416-536-3872).

We like our Rydell High T not only because it’s a name from, like, the best piece of cinema ever (Grease), but also because it says “I love Patty” on the back, which we think is very Irish (5. $59, Preloved, 613 Queen West, 416-504-8704). Test the limits of your Catholicism with this bright super-short skirt (7. $69, Benetton).

Or sashay into the pub with a wide selection of other tarty green wares (6. Mimco bag, $145, Ice, 163 Cumberland, 416-964-6751 8. Blue Marlin “Shamrocks” T, $45, Ice 9. make-your-own Pietro Ferrante bracelets, $58 band, letters $34 each, Ice 10. striped pants, $29.99, Black Market, 319 Queen West, 416-591-7945 11. Diesel bag with wallet, $85, the Show Room, 278 Queen West, 416-340-8880 12.Communist Block shirt, $40, Delphic, 706 Queen West, 416-603-3334 13. Laura-Ingalls-on-acid dress, $109, Preloved and 14. Plaid skirt, $49, Lilith, 541 Queen West, 416-504-5353).

With files from Lisa Spinks

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