>>> Best And Most Beautiful Things

BEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL THINGS (Garrett Zevgetis, U.S.). 91 minutes. Rating: NNNN

Best And Most Beautiful Things is a portrait of Michelle Smith, a young woman in Bangor, Maine, preparing to enter what she describes as “the uncensored world” after spending a year in self-imposed isolation after graduating high school. 

Director Garrett Zevgetis gives us a similarly uncensored version of Smith: bright, determined, legally blind, somewhere on the autism spectrum, bruised by her parents’ divorce, dreaming of becoming a Hollywood voice actor.

She’s a terrific subject, and Zevgetis has crafted a film that is, much like Michelle herself, a lot more complex than it might initially seem.

May 4, 8:45 pm, Scotiabank 4 May 6, 7 pm, TIFF 3 May 7, 10 am, TIFF 1

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