Movie Review

Rating: NN

THOMAS IN LOVE (Pierre-Paul Renders) is a gimmicky French film that confronts the power of the Internet. Thomas suffers from severe agoraphobia and hasn’t left his apartment or had a visitor in eight years. He gets his sexual satisfaction vicariously via a cyberbabe and a virtual reality suit. He uses his computer to talk to his mother, his insurance company rep and his therapist. But Thomas is feeling lonely, so his therapist enrols him in a computer dating service, through which he falls for the mysterious Eva (Aylin Yay), who beckons him to leave his apartment. The hook here is that we never see Thomas, only the people he interacts with on his computer screen. A guy stuck in a room for eight years can become very bitter, and Thomas comes across as an unlikeable and immature jerk. Since we’re forced to listen to his problems, writer Philippe Blasband could at least have made the dialogue interesting. But he turns Thomas into a metaphor for our age of isolation instead of a well-rounded character, and all the visual gimmicks can’t make up for that. 97 minutes. NN (IR)

virtual jerk

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