Definitely no Mos Def, maybe no DOOM

Two veteran rappers can't get it together for one show in Toronto

The Mos Def and DOOM concert looks like it was doomed from the start.

Originally scheduled a month ago, the concert was pushed back until tonight (Thursday). The delay was mostly attributed to the erratic, mysterious behaviour of Daniel Dumile, stage name DOOM.

DOOM, known by as many aliases as he has albums (MF Doom is his most well-known handle), goes in and out of character so convincingly he may not be faking it. Little is actually known about him, he lies in interviews and he wears a mask at all times.

But most important here is that he’s becoming renowned for sending actors to his show in place of himself. A loose cannon compared to the relatively family-friendly Mos Def, who’s now most visible as a guest star on television’s favourite medical drama, House.
But then news broke late Wednesday that it would be Mos Def who would not be appearing at the show.
No reason was given by promoters, other than usual “circumstances beyond our control.” The same bill in New York City on Friday has already been flat-out cancelled, after similarily being once postponed.
So perhaps it was Dante Smith, aka Mos Def, who went off the rails here?
He was last heard from in an angry and probably uneccessary letter to the New York Observer on the subject of whether or not he drinks Rolling Rock beer.

And his connection to Toronto is an awkward one anyway. In 2005, he married a former stripper from Mississauga at Toronto City Hall. After their divorce (or are they divorced?), she wrote a tell-all book about their brief relationship.

The show must go on, though. That is, unless DOOM decides to send in a doppelgänger.

In an attempt to quell rumours about that, promoters promise to demand the now-headlining DOOM for identification before allowing him on stage. If he turns out to be an impostor, then there will be no headliner at all.

Will the metal face rapper show? Will there even be a show?

UPDATE: DOOM was there. Read the review.[rssbreak]

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