Dora Alexander

Rating: NNN

Travelers is technically an EP, but its well-sequenced, tone-shifting structure gives it the feeling of an album. Produced by John Critchley, known for his work on Dan Mangan’s Polaris-nominated Nice, Nice, Very Nice, it’s a promising debut.


Layering conventional melodies over multi-part rock epics, the Toronto band creates a sound that’s experimental without calling attention to itself. Radiohead are the obvious comparison, especially since lead singer Alex Grant’s delivery often mimics Thom Yorke’s, and despite the non-traditional song structures, the decidedly moody indie rock veers closer to The Bends than Kid A.

Displaying a surprising self-assurance for such a young band, Dora Alexander let their songs unfold slowly and carefully without worrying whether they pass the five-minute mark. This makes payoffs like the guitar/synth explosion at the title track’s climax that much more satisfying.

Top track: Travelers

Dora Alexander launch Travelers at the Piston October 22.

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