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veteran guelph folksinger tan-nis Slimmon has a five-year-old’s sense of pure joy in everything she talks about. Rehearsals are “so much fun!” Her sorta dull day job as a mild-mannered lab tech is super “’cause it means making music never feels like work.”

Ask her how she stays so happy and she giggles.

“I like people! I’ve got good hormones — most of the time.”

In anyone else it would seem cloying, but Slimmon’s cheeriness is contagious, and it comes through in her music. Listen to There’s A Lift, off last year’s Oak Lake, which she claims Rheostatic Dave Clark dubbed “a special edition of extra goodness,” and you sing along to the chorus in spite of yourself.

Slimmon’s been on the music scene for over two decades, but Oak Lake’s her first solo venture.

“It’s the first time I’ve really felt a strong element of my own music,” she offers. “Other times, I was lifted up by the musicians around me. It’s definitely the first time I’ve been comfortable with my own voice. When it’s my own music, I push myself that much harder to sing my best.”

Slimmon may be focused on her solo career right now, but she’s eager to share the spotlight. She can’t stop raving about her peers in tonight’s DROG showcase.

“Guelph’s a musical smorgasbord,” she grins. “The bands are like pad thai, trifle, crème brûlée… and me? I’m organic bumbleberry crumble with good vanilla ice cream on top.”

Down-home goodness.

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