Kensington Krawl


There’s a reason so many of Toronto’s finest musicians live, work and play in Kensington Market.

Sure, between the venues, guitar shops and studios, it’s a hub. But it’s also home to some of the city’s best food, which will be on display Friday to Sunday (August 21-23) during the Kensington Krawl, a guided food tour put on by Savour Toronto. 

To celebrate, we asked some Kensington-living musicians about their favourite foods and eating habits on the road. Dig in.

What’s good to eat before hitting the stage?

Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham: Nothing! I’ve learned the hard way that just about everything I eat before I go onstage will have an adverse reaction mid-set. One time in San Diego our show was catered by an amazing burrito place. Since we were in the birthplace of this beloved tour food, I ate a few hours before we went on, and the crowd that night was treated to GG Allin-style pyrotechnics for the last half of the set.

Fake Palms’ Michael Le Riche: If pho is available near the venue I’ll always go there. If not, I’ll find a soup or salad. If we’re playing earlier in the night I’ll just wait on dinner till after the show. Falafel is a go-to after-gig meal. 

What do you avoid eating on the road? 

The Highest Order’s Simone Schmidt: Fries, hamburgers, Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, A&W (smells up car especially) and Burger King. They’re tough [to avoid] because they have really messed up the world, as you know.

The Highest Order’s Simone TB: Please, no more Timmie’s.

What’s a food staple to keep in the van?

Singer/songwriter Angela Saini: Nuts! I make a bag of homemade trail mix, including raisins, or bring a bag of almonds or walnuts. I usually keep a bag or two of Throat Coat Tea or peppermint tea in case I can’t find any, and water is obvious!

Favourite Kensington eatery and dish? 

Abraham: Jumbo Empanadas. When I think of snacking in Kensington, that’s my go-to food.

Le Riche: The soup and salad lunch special at Hibiscus is great, as is whatever the special of the day is at Wanda’s Pie in the Sky.

Saini: I’m a taco-loving girl, and the Gobernador (smoked tuna and shrimp) at Seven Lives is a must-have.

Schmidt: Patty King. Jerk pork patty or doubles.

TB: There’s so much. We’re spoiled here. 

Kensington Krawl runs Friday to Sunday (August 21-23) from 11:30 am to 3 pm. Meet near Baldwin and Spadina. $60. | @joshuakloke



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