RESTORATIONS with DEAD BROKE, DEFORESTERS and THE DYING ARTS at the Horseshoe (370 Queen West), Saturday (March 21), 9 pm. $10.50.

With three albums under their belt, you’d think Philadelphia art punks Restorations would be antsy for success. The five-piece spend most of their time on the road and are largely unrecognized commercially.

Lead singer/guitarist Jon Loudon isn’t bothered in the slightest.

“People get really bent out of shape about it,” he says after being asked if they’re waiting for one of their songs to appear in a TV ad, à la fellow Philly rocker Kurt Vile.

“We’re just going to keep plowing along. If we’re able to connect with a few people, then we’re good. That’s really all we need.”

Those modest aspirations don’t exactly fall in line with the five-piece’s sonic approach: gigantic riffs evolve into all-encompassing songs that push past six minutes with ease. 

Influenced by Constantines, Restorations’ music has a workmanlike feel that’s evident both in their sprawling, gutsy sound and creative approach: Loudon believes never-ending touring allows them to continue to work at their songs and “experiment” with growing them even further. 

They’re just one of a number of punk rock bands bringing international attention to Philadelphia’s music community. It isn’t often considered one of the great American rock cities, but Loudon is proud of what the community is doing.

“Everyone has lifer status. It’s not like other scenes where there’s this weird bubble. The punk community is very intertwined. I think the fact that everyone stays really involved says a lot about how Philadelphia works. You don’t have a chance to be cocky.”

Free of pretense, Restorations continue to go about things with their head down, thankful for every opportunity.

“Every time we put out a record and go on tour, things get better and better. I can’t really complain. At all.” | @joshuakloke



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