Thomas D’arcy


If you’re surprised that long-time Canadian singer/songwriter Thomas D’Arcy, who fronted the Carnations and Small Sins, has only released one solo album, you’re not alone. D’Arcy has long been making melodic rock that builds magnificently when paired with his soothing croon. Produced, engineered and mixed by D’Arcy, his latest full-length builds off 2013’s impressive What We Want, with 10 inoffensive tracks that, at the best of times, channel his inner Tom Petty and whose grooves lock in with repetitive choruses.

First single All Over Your Face sets the tone with too-soft vocal delivery that fails to keep up with the crescendoing songs. The title track has ambitious stomp that might’ve resonated more strongly had it had more pronounced production. Instead, the tacked-on electronics distract from its acceleration. But sometimes, like on Stronger Tomorrow, his singing matches the build. And standout Fooled You Twice shows just how strong D’Arcy’s pop-hook writing can be.

Top track: Fooled You Twice

Thomas D’Arcy plays the Horseshoe Thursday (February 26). See video interview here.



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